Arista Networks C-130 - Indoor Wireless Access Point

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The Smartest WiFi Decision

Wireless Network Access Point with PoE

WiFi For Enterprise | Business WiFi

802.11ac Wave 2

Tri Radio

  • Authorized Local Seller
  • 5 Year Subscription Free + Half-day Workshop with every purchase
  • Common deployment scenarios include large remote offices, meeting rooms, auditoriums, and enterprise campuses. Design is aesthetic
  • 4x4 MU-MIMO with 4 spatial streams per radio
  • Third 2x2 MIMO radio for dedicated RF and WIPS scanning
  • Arista Access Points take less than 2 minutes to activate and configure after connecting to the cloud
  • Support up to 8 individual SSID per radio
  • Network controls like NAT, Firewall, and QoS implemented at Access Point
  • Smart load balancing distributes load evenly across neighboring APs to optimize the use of network resources
  • Equipped with industry only fully integrated wireless intrusion prevention capabilities
  • Arista patented Market packers are used to accurately detect access points on any networks with fewest false positives in the industry
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